Are You Ready for Mobile First Indexing

Are You Ready for Mobile First Indexing

Google has already started out the mobile first index, due to the change in how people browse the internet.  More and more research has shown that mobile traffic is more than half of all search traffic, for search results that means that Google will rank mobile friendly sites first.  That means that once the changeover is complete it will mean that the mobile version of your site will be the primary version.  Are you ready for mobile first indexing?  Let us show you what you need to do to keep those rankings.

Are You Ready for Mobile First Indexing

Create Content for a Mobile Audience

If you already have a responsive website then you have little or nothing to change in order to be ready for mobile first indexing.  Most sites that were built and developed in the past five years were built using responsive design.  However even if you have content that works on every format it doesn’t mean that your Google rankings will stay where they are.  Smartphone users expect to find what they are looking for without endless scrolling.  They also don’t want to wait for pages to load, you need to give them a fast experience.

Check Your Search Console

You should get a notice from Google in your search console once your site goes to the mobile first index.  Now you need to take a good look at the crawl activity.  Look at how the bots are accessing your site and make sure there are absolutely no errors.  When it comes to creating content you also want to check and see where your traffic is coming from, if it is mobile then cater your content to that audience.  You can work with a search engine optimization or digital marketing company to help you transition.

Follow the Journey of a Visitor

The audience on a mobile device has a really short attention span so you need to make sure that you have your site optimized to convert.  Try your site on your own smart phone to make sure everything is working the way it should.  Is the site fast enough and can visitors get what they want quickly?  You might also consider installing on your site some heat mapping software.  It will record what visitors do on your site so that you can tweak it accordingly.

If you haven’t gotten around yet to creating the mobile version of your site, or your site is not responsive then you need to fix that issue now.  You could end up losing all of your organic traffic and that means losing money.

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