How to Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

Creating a marketing campaign without measuring its effectiveness is a waste of both your time and your money.  If you are promoting your business online you need to understand where your traffic is coming from and what it does once it hits your website.  While the end goal is always to increase your bottom line, you still need to know where your efforts are working and where they need to be more effective.  Here are some tools and tricks so you know how to measure your marketing campaign and what you’re going to need to fix.

Traffic and Conversions

Your marketing campaign can be broken down into two basic parts, traffic and conversions.  Traffic is the people that are visiting your website or social properties.  Conversions are the number of people that take action on your site, whether that is a sale, a subscriber to your email list or a phone call to your business.  The two work hand in hand, you need sufficient traffic to get conversions at the same time you need an optimized site so you don’t waste your traffic.  Here are some tips on building a high converting web page.

Help from Google

There are two tools from Google that can help you measure both traffic and conversions.  Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.  Both are free to use, you just have to sign in with a gmail account.  Webmaster tools can help you with things like make sure the technical aspects of your site are working, and Analytics can show you conversions along with where your traffic is coming from.  Both tools are going to have a bit of a learning curve but you should familiarize yourself with both.

How to Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

Social Engagement

Social media should be part of any online campaign, but most people are looking at the wrong metrics.  How many likes your page has on Facebook is more of a vanity metric and less of an indicator of how your campaign is faring.  Most social media platforms allow you to advertise and their targeting is incredible.  What you want to measure isn’t likes, it is how much traffic is going to your website.

The Bottom Line

Is business increasing, are customers redeeming your offers or coupons, is your phone ringing?  At the end of the day the only metric that really matters is your bottom line, is your marketing campaign providing you with a substantial return on your investment.  While there are always tweaks that you can make to make the campaign more effective, you want a profitable campaign.